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Remote Energy Healing Sessions (Phone/Skype) :

Phone or Skype sessions are fabulous for those who cannot  physically come to the Pacific Beach Office or perhaps just want a shorter session for a tune-up.  

Energy Healing Work is holistic in nature and works the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, meaning  it works ALL the levels of you (head, heart, mind, body, emotions & spirit).

Most sessions begin with a simple assessment of what it is that you are experiencing that is either causing you concern or limiting you in some way.  The session then proceeds using appropriate healing arts techniques - including remote energy healing work - to help you shift or begin to shift in a way that is in more alignment with balance as you want or need to experience it.

This is an excellent way to have a session when you are stuck at home with a cold or illness or on travel or vacation! Clients often report feeling lighter & relaxed after a session!


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