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Practical WooWoo

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Intuititive Consulting Session (phone/skype):

These type of quick sessions are offered to help those who may feel that they do not yet need a full session but need help with a question or issue that has come up.

During this session a quick reading/assessment will be conducted and next steps will be discussed.  This is NOT intended as a healing session.  It is intended as a tool that the client can use to begin to make changes or adjust some of the changes that are making as a result of some the energy work they are currently doing.

These sessions are strictly held to 30 minutes and may be looked at as an adjunct to the work they are currently doing or in the case of a beginner to this type of work, it may serve a an introduction to the types of that may be done.

Sessions are done by appointment only!  So call and make your appointment today!

30 Minute Session:  $75