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Nancy Pabers is the founder and CEO/President of Practical WooWoo.  She started her healing arts consulting company in August 2004 with the intention of helping people create the life they want through connecting with who they truly are --- regardless of what their current circumstance may be.

From Practical WooWoo's inception, PW2 grew with the needs and desires of the client segments -- individuals, groups or businesses. In 2004  many clients were new to the ideas of energy work, meditation or even guided imagery. Today's clients are seeking a more sophisticated understanding of healing arts and are eager to try and connect with the deepest parts of themselves. This community has grown from what may have been regarded as "fringe" to mainstream supportive community.

Nancy offers Intuitive Consulting Services that include healing tools and techniques that she has formally studied, as well as those that she herself has developed over the course of her practice.  She offers both in person sessions as well as Zoom/Phone sessions. Each session is unique and is customized to meet the need of the client. (Sessions of this type last up to 90 minutes)  

In 2014 Nancy added, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) to meet the increased demand of those seeking to connect with themselves at a very deep level for healing, spiritual development or increased well being. (Sessions of this type last 4 hours and are done in person only)

Nancy continues to be is a leader in the healing arts arena. Her focus is to assist her clients come to realize the life they are seeking. Her approach has always been to help the client connect with who they truly are and allow that connection to fully emerge and be guiding force in their life.

Nancy has a Ph.D. in Healing Science from the New Mexico Theological Seminary, an M.S. in Management Science from National Louis University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is an ordained minister.  She has over 22 years of government and corporate experience and over 16 years of experience as a Mind-Body-Spirit practitioner.  This includes extensive studies as an energy medicine practitioner and a certified Quantum Healings Hypnosis Technique Practitioner. For several years, she had served as part-time instructor at Southwest Community College in San Diego as well as a licensed Heal Your Life Workshop/Seminar Leader.