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In-Person Intuitive Consulting Session

People seek Energy Healing for any number of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues. Examples include: life events or life changes, migraines, fibroids, phobias, “burn-out”, digestion problems, too much or too little sleep, depression, anger, anxiety, spiritual crisis, feelings of "being stuck”, and/or  as an adjunct to various traditional medical treatments for chronic or debilitating illness.

These type of sessions are conducted at the Pacific Beach Location.  Sessions last approximately 90 minutes. Each session includes an energy reading, discussion of the imbalance(s), introduction of customized tools and ends with "table work" - similar to what is shown in these pictures.

Energy Healing Sessions are designed for individuals looking to develop a deeper understanding of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection in relation to their overall health and well-being. Energy healing practices promote Mind-Body-Spirit wholeness; this means the tools that are used aim to resolve disharmony and disease at the causative/root level.

Most folks choose to have multiple sessions - package pricing is also available.

Individual Sessions:  $222

Package of 4 Sessions: $777

Have Questions about a Session or the Purchase?

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