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"I have been working with Nancy for over a year, and continue to learn and grow with each session. I see her as someone I can trust to help me move forward in positive ways, and identify lessons when the road gets bumpy. I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for when I saw Nancy for the first time, but I was stuck and needed some help. Despite being initially dubious of energy work, I was drawn to Nancy's techniques and trusted her sound advice. Nancy is an excellent advisor, and I look to her for guidance in nearly all aspects of life. She patiently helps steer me towards my best self. Significantly, Nancy is helping me learn to define myself by more than just my accomplishments, that who I am and how I feel really matters. I've also learned about energy work and have begun to incorporate aspects into my lifestyle. Nancy has been a spectacularly positive influence, and I look

forward to seeing her for a long time to come!

C.S.  San Diego CA

"... Luckily, I was introduced to the work that Nancy does and it has changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I am so thankful to have the privilege of knowing a way to be the person I want to be regardless of my past experiences or habits. I have realized that I really am in control of my own destiny; I just need a navigator sometimes. It is a strange and mysterious world and friends often ask me to describe what I go through when I have a healing session and I honestly have trouble putting it into words. I can tell you that if I set the intention to heal a certain aspect of my being, I do. I can also tell you that it never ceases to amaze me when Nancy identifies physical problems I am experiencing with no mention from me. If I was somewhat skeptic at one point; the power, validity and integrity of this work has proven itself to me many times over. My wish is that more people experience the growth that I have. It has made me much happier."

Jason B. of La Jolla, California

"I really did not know what to expect....Nancy has such a healing aura/spirit, that I felt it would be a positive experience. Afterward my mind was extremely clear, felt rested/refreshed, felt nurtured, felt appreciative of my family and friends; it left a smile on my face!! I have felt this way before during meditation and accupuncture. I feel this would benefit people who have emotional issues to resolve. The clarity of thinking; the benefits of feeling good about yourself; feeling calm enough to handle difficult problems and the nuturing enviornment (all are beneficial)."

Ruth N. of San Diego, CA

"I recently experienced an energy session with Nancy Pabers of Practical WooWoo. Not really knowing what to expect, I approached it with an open mind. Nancy was very thorough in the preliminary interview, asking questions without making judgements, and I found her very easy to talk to. As for the energy work, itself, again, I had no idea what to expect, but I left feeling a sense of well-being, in fact, lightness, as if some of my "trouble spots", both body and mind had been transferred, hopefully into the universe(as opposed to being transferred to Nancy!) so that between the universe and myself, they would be easier to deal with. The results being intangible, it is hard to describe, qualify or quantify, but it is clear to me that having so much focus and energy going towards me felt really good while I was with Nancy and for a considerable time after."

AJ F. of San Diego, CA

"I suffered from as many as eight debilitating migraines a month. Nancy worked with me using a variety of energetic healing techniques to help me reduce and alleviate migraine symptoms and the amount of migraine medication that I had previously taken. I could really notice a change!"

R.G. of  San Diego, California

"I found my session very enlightening. Nancy is very perceptive and while we were talking I realized some important information about myself regarding a long standing shoulder and back problem. This information can definitely help me in healing my shoulder and back problems which I am currently working on with an osteopath. After my session with Nancy I can see that my back and shoulder problems are more than just physical and that I must address these other issues (which I am now doing) as well in order to get the results I want. I found the session very relaxing, rejuvenating, nurturing and enlightening. It also gave me some information to help me clear up a long standing problem. After the session I felt like I had gone on a mini vacation. I would definitely recommend this experience to others."

Karen W. of  San Diego, California

"I was experiencing the biggest life changes possible, new life &; death of an immediate family member all at the same time. Had I not sought out help from Nancy, I’m not sure I would be emotionally & spiritually sane today. My experience was amazing. Each appointment I felt more in tune and in control of myself. Not only did the energy work help me, but the simple talks we had were nurturing &; helped heal my emotional imbalance. I learned that my feelings were not abnormal &; how to let negative feelings not affect my well-being by letting “it” go. Nancy offers a lot of knowledge that will teach you how to cope with life & is an excellent person to seek healing from, the results are amazing -- excellent balance for your body, spirit & mind."

Lana S. of San Diego, California